Your pet's physical and emotional well-being are always taken into account when grooming and, for that reason, we do require your dog or cat to be current on their required vaccinations and any medical concerns disclosed ahead of time. Please call our main number at (904) 717-6840 to make an appointment. When bringing your dog or cat in for their grooming session, please use the Resort & Spa entrance. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Grooming Services

Treat your pet to the ultimate pampering experience at our luxury day spa. Our rates vary by breed, temperament, coat condition, and size. The price will be determined once your pet is assessed at our salon.

Bath, Brush & Fluff

This includes gentle massage, shampoo, conditioner, trim nails, clean ears, a warm blow dry, and a luxury finishing cologne spritz.

Mini Makeover (Face, Feet, Tail)

Having a regular mini grooming session will help to prevent matting and keep your pets’ coat in top condition in between each Complete Body Styling. This is particularly effective for long-haired and doubled-coated breeds. Includes all bath and brush services plus face, feet, and tail trim.

Complete Body Styling

Our full body treatment offers everything your pet needs to look good both in and out of the park. This includes both bath and brush and mini makeover services plus breed-specific or owner requested full-body haircut.

Additional or a la carte services

  • Nail trim

  • Nail file

  • Flea Treatment (must have one of the above treatments)

  • Shed-less Treatment: (must have one of the above treatments)

  • Dematting or Brush Out

Cat Services

  • Cat Bath and brush

  • Cat Mini Makeover

  • Cat Complete Body Styling

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