Boarding & Daycare-Dogs

outside play area

The Resort and Spa at Birch Island feature a skillfully designed experience perfect for dogs of all sizes, ages, and needs. All our suites, cottages, chalets and condos are in a climate-controlled indoor area. We offer two outdoor play spaces. One is a Splash Pad for water fun and the other is an agility range and open running space where your dog can climb, bounce and play.

Our indoor play area is approximately 2,000 square feet and includes a salt-water pool (which is better for your pet’s coat and will not make them sick if they drink it). The indoor area also has lots of toys, games and open space to run while staying out of the Florida heat. None of our guests spend their day in their rooms. We allow all our guests to be dogs while they are with us which means they are free to explore, play, rest, eat and drink as they wish. All playgroups are carefully monitored by our trained staff and you’ll pick up a happy, healthy pet at the end of his or her stay.



For the health and safety of all of our guests, we require the following vaccines for dogs:

  • Clear fecal exam in the last calendar year

  • Up to date Distemper

  • Up to date Rabies

  • Up to date Bordetella

  • Up to date Canine Influenza

Our veterinarians provide a complimentary physical exam upon arrival. Should any of your pets not be current, we can accommodate all your veterinary needs on-site.

In order to expedite your check-in process, please send all records to

dog couch

Small Breed Dogs

The Resort has separate suites for smaller dogs, with their own playroom sized just for them. Our smaller guests can utilize all our other play areas in a rotation with our bigger guests, but always have access to their own pint-sized play area. Birch Island Veterinary Center is the only Fear Free eligible practice in Jacksonville. The staff of Birch Island makes it a priority to keep all our guests feeling safe and secure at all times. We know that small dogs can sometimes be overwhelmed by their larger counterparts, so we’ve specially designed their separate spaces with safety and security in mind.

Older Dogs, Our Sweet Seniors

We offer 6 suites for our older guests in their own designated area, complete with comfortable chairs and couches which are lowered for ease of climbing into. We know our seniors like to take it easy, but they do have the option of playing any time they want. We have on-site veterinary care should your older guy or gal need medication administered or additional monitoring. We welcome the graying faces and years of wisdom at Birch Island. It is our pleasure to love your dog as our own.

Our Canine Counterparts

It takes a village, so we’ve heard, and we’d like to welcome your pet into our Village! Our Village is full of cottages, complete with windows, doors, porch lights, and shingled roofs. The cottages are truly an escape, just like you’d find on the real Birch Island. Our overnight guests will be treated in the lap of luxury.

luxury kennels

The Good Life

For the most decadent guests, we offer 9 affluent cabins which are viewable daily through our webcams. Three of our cabins are decorated with the themes of Bark Avenue which boasts four-poster beds, chandeliers, and stylish décor. Three more of our cabins are nautically themed for those beach lovers, complete with custom made Adirondack chairs which offer a soft place for your pet to lay their head where dreams of ocean waves and seagulls await. Our final three cabins are sportsman themed with log-cabin like beds, antler lighting and offer the coziness of curling up in a wooded retreat. These luxurious accommodations are available to all breeds, regardless of size.

Day Care

We know that life gets hectic and the thought of leaving your pet home alone all day can be stressful. The Resort and Spa at Birch Island offer 3 play areas; 2 outdoor which include a splash pad and an agility area, as well as a 2,000 square foot indoor space that allows your pet to romp, run and play out of the sun. All our suites are in a climate-controlled indoor area, so they have a comfortable, safe place to nap when they need a rest.

Our Day Care guests are not limited to the time they have in our play spaces and are given the opportunity to enjoy as much playtime as they like. When spending time indoors, they are regularly let out to potty. Just like when you are on vacation, some time in the room is fine, but you came to have fun and explore and that is exactly what your pet will be doing with us while you’re away.


You are welcome to add on additional grooming, veterinary, and spa services while your dog is with us at the Resort for the day or longer. Traditional wellness exams, baths, nail trims, and the like can all be done on the same day, saving you time and resources. Please let us know if you’d like to add on these services when you make your daycare reservation or at drop off should you not have a reservation.

Special Needs


With our expert veterinary staff on hand at all times during business hours and available after hours, we welcome your pet with special needs at Birch Island. Animals who require medication, injections, have personality eccentricities, unaltered dogs, or any other conditions are always welcome at our Resort and Hospital.

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