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The Resort & Spa at Birch Island has been skillfully designed to offer a safe and fun experience for dogs of all sizes, ages and needs. Whether here for a few hours or an extended stay, our dedicated team of trained attendants will treat your dog like family.


Used for both our daycare and boarding canine guests, our resort includes a 2,000 square foot climate-controlled indoor arena along with two spacious outside yards. Inside, we have a gated bone-shaped saltwater pool (salt water is a safer option for pets) as well as toys, games, splash pads, loungers and more. Outside, our generously sized yards are blanketed with bright artificial turf which is ideal for keeping the areas clean and properly drained. They are surrounded by tall, reinforced fencing. Playhouses, rugged toys, sprinklers, agility tunnels, a ball pit and elevated beds are just some of the fun features your dog will have access to while enjoying the fresh air. Of course, there is plenty of space for just running & romping with friends. Our experienced staff continuously supervise all dogs in all areas. They also love interacting with our campers in games of fetch, frisbee or just some TLC. Dogs are arranged in specific playgroups which are determined by size, energy level and age.


Whether you are working, busy or just want to give your dog a day of exercise and playtime, we have you covered. Daycare is an excellent option for your canine companion to enjoy socialization with others while working off some energy. Our day campers are allowed full use of the resort and its amenities. We want your pup to have a great time and be able to experience as much as possible while here. Between play sessions, they are given downtime to rest in their individual rooms as to not overextend themselves. Playgroups are alternated as to allow each group ample recreation time. Webcams are available to check in on your pups during certain times, too! Daycare can be arranged for half or full days. Monthly packages are available as well as concierge service (our staff comes to your car, so you do not need to get out). You can also add grooming or veterinary services while your dog is here.

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For extended stays, Birch Island’s Resort is an ideal choice. Dogs are allowed full use of all indoor and outdoor resort amenities while here as well as a selection of unique lodging options. Just like our day campers, our boarders are given plenty of opportunities to enjoy all the resort has to offer. It is important to us that your pup feels comfortable and happy with us so that means generous playtime out & about with friends. There are no additional costs for recreational activities; all overnight guests are given the same benefits as our daycare dogs. In terms of accommodations, all individual spaces are climate-controlled and designed for comfort & safety. Smaller dogs have a separate wing where they won’t feel overshadowed by our larger occupants.

* If you are looking for a more unique experience, we also offer several deluxe options:

The Villages: Built to resemble small cottages, these adorably appointed cabanas feature windows, doors, porch lights and shingled roofs. A true home-away-from-home experience!

The Cabins: For our canine guests who prefer a little more decadence, one of our nine luxury cabins may be the perfect way to self-indulge. Divided into three themes, each has their own special flair. Bark Avenue boasts elegantly styled chandeliers and uptown décor. Our nautical suites are designed for beach loving pups, complete with warm colors and seaside adornments. For those dogs who dream of a wooded retreat, our sportsmen-themed cabins offer antler lighting fixtures and rustic trimmings. Cozy beds in all. These cabins include webcams so you can check in on your companion (see Webcams Via IDogCam on our home screen for more info).

Senior Suite: We know our older guests often prefer to take it easy and treasure time to themselves. They can do so in this large separate room which is furnished with comfy, easily accessible chairs and beds. Our staff will ask you about their recreational preferences and restrictions as to provide them a safe yet enjoyable stay.

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We know it is often difficult to bathe your dog at home. Birch Island’s Resort & Spa can help! Our resort staff will give your pup a bath & brushing, nail trim, ear cleaning, aromatic spray, and bandana. This can be done solely OR can be combined with playtime at daycare (play first, bath after).


Because Birch Island is a full-service animal care center, our veterinary staff can tend to any special healthcare requirements your dog may need while staying with us. Medication administration, injections, fluids, special diet, mobility restrictions and other needs can all be managed and carried out by trained hospital personnel. We also know some dogs may be fearful or stressed around others. We can customize their stay plan with us to insure they are as comfortable and calm as possible while in our care. Please advise our team of any particular needs or concerns.


For the health and safety of all our guests, the following vaccines must be current:

· Distemper

· Rabies

· Bordetella (Kennel Cough)

· Influenza

· Negative fecal in past 12 months

A complimentary physical exam will be done by one of our veterinarians upon arrival for your first two patients seen by our practice. If your dog is not current on a required vaccine, we can have it done onsite. If your pet had vaccines elsewhere, please have their records emailed to or bring a copy with you.

For more information including our rates, please call us at 904-717-6840.



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